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  Training Location:
Silcock Reserve, William Road Croydon VIC 3136


CDODC Office Hours: 9.15am – 10.30am. We are very happy to help you with any query during the above office hours. Outside of these times, our volunteer office staff will be training their dogs and/or working in other areas.

Postal Address: P.O. Box 465, Croydon, 3136

Have you read our FAQ section? The majority of enquiries are answered in the FAQ tab or the Membership and Obedience tabs. Please help us by reading all these sections before emailing us  😀 

If you are having difficulty submitting your Online Membership Renewal, please read all the instructions. Scanned attachments need to be smaller than 600kb or your renewal will not process. When scanning, setting the resolution to 300dpi will result
in a file size that is acceptable.

Please refer to our Home Page regarding enrolment delays before emailing us at or using the email pro forma below.

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