Basic 1 Obedience

Basic 1 is suitable for pups and dogs older than five months of age. Basic 1 covers a large variety of different obedience exercises, but also focuses on a mixture of “life skills” designed to make dogs well-behaved in the community and a delight to live with at home. We cater to dogs of all ages that have had no previous training, but also have an amended program for those dogs that have already learnt some of the basics in Puppy class.

Basic 1 Curriculum
Loose lead walking – teaching your dog to walk without pulling and to sit when you stop.
Meet and greet – learning how to politely meet other dogs.
Friendly stranger – learning to politely sit at your side when a stranger approaches to say hello.
Sit stay – teaching your dog to remain in this position until you return (performed on lead).
Down stay – as above.
Stand stay – as above.
Recall – teaching your dog to come to you when called and sit in front.
Heel position – learning to manoeuvre your dog to sit at your left hand side.
Tethering – learning to wait quietly when you tie your dog up to duck into the milk bar.
Trick – teach your dog a fun exercise.
Go to mat – teach your dog to lie quietly on a mat while a health check is performed.
Game play – fun for dog and handler alike, but we teach your dog to give up the toy when asked.
Food manners – learning to sit and wait for dinner.
Gates and doorways – teaching the dog to sit and wait at a door or gate before it is opened, and wait for permission to enter.

Duration: 12 weeks.