When does CDODC conduct its training?
Puppy pre-school classes run at 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm on Wednesday nights.

All other classes are held before 12.00 pm on Sunday mornings.  Our usual class times are 9.30 am and 11.00 am.

All our classes run for one hour.

When is the club closed?

Puppy pre-school runs all year round. Our club is closed for Sunday training during the following time periods:

  • December and January for Christmas break;
  • over long weekends including Easter, Labour Day, Queen’s Birthday, ANZAC day (if this falls on a weekend), AFL Grand Final and Melbourne Cup Day; and
  • when our club is conducting a trial on our grounds, as specified in advance.

Are classes cancelled in extreme weather conditions?
Training will continue regardless of the weather conditions.  In cases of extreme weather, your instructor may cancel your class or allow your class to finish early. On very hot days, your instructor will find a cool, shady spot for the class to work in. It is still beneficial for you to attend, even if you choose to leave your pooch at home.

Do you train during school holidays?

Can I join by emailing through my paperwork?
To join CDODC you will need to visit our Clubhouse office on any training Sunday between 9.15am and 10.30am. (There is no training during December and January or on long weekends).
New memberships can only be completed in person at our office (not via email or electronically). 

The online renewal says my attachments are too large. What do I do?
Scanned attachments need to be smaller than 600kb or your renewal will not process. When scanning, setting the resolution to 300dpi will result in a file size that is acceptable.

If I join at the beginning of the year, do I have to renew before 31st March?
For new members who join between January and March, your membership will be valid until 31st March the following year.

When I join, will I be able to start straight away?
We have new classes starting all the time. You will be enrolled in the next available class – usually starting within 2 to 3 weeks.

I have a puppy which is 12 weeks old or younger. Am I able to start them in a class?

Yes, our puppy pre-school class is designed for dogs aged between 8-12 weeks and who are not yet fully vaccinated.  Our clubhouse is sterilised before each lesson to ensure safety for your young puppies.

I have a puppy aged between 12 weeks and five months old. Which class is most appropriate for them?
Dogs between 12 weeks and five months can be enrolled in puppy class, provided they are fully vaccinated.

I have a dog older than five months of age. Is there a class suitable for them?
Yes. Our basic obedience program caters to dogs of all ages. Our Basic One class is an entry level class for adult dogs.

Can my child train a dog?
Children between the ages of 12 and 18 may train a dog, but some conditions do apply. Please refer to the Child Handlers section.

Can my partner and I take it in turns to train our dog?
Yes. More than one person can handle a dog as long as all handlers are CDODC members.

I’ve been training my dog at another club and would like to join Croydon. Do I have to start right at the beginning?
Handlers with dogs that have had previous training can make an appointment, via the Contact page, to have an assessment completed on their dog. We will then determine which class will best suit you and your dog according to your ability.