Croydon Rockets Flyball Team

What is flyball?

Flyball is a fun, fast paced relay race for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  In a flyball race, two teams of four dogs fly over jumps to retrieve a ball, and then return to their owners at top speed.  It’s not all about speed though – accuracy is equally important.  A dog will have to run again if it:

  • drops the ball before returning over the finish line;
  • goes over the start line before the returning dog finishes; or
  • runs around a jump.

Teams that consistently run well and don’t make mistakes are usually the winners.

Dogs of all breeds can compete in flyball, and quick small dogs are highly sought after.  This is because the height of the jumps is set to just below the shoulder of the smallest dog in the team (or a maximum height of 14 inches).  If your team consists of three border collies and a chihuahua, all of the dogs get to jump at the chihuahua’s shoulder height.

Why choose flyball?

The main reason you should try flyball that dogs absolutely love it. Flyball encompasses all things that dogs love to do – jumping, catching, retrieving, competing and striving to please their owners.  It’s fantastic stimulation, especially for active, excitable dogs.  It also provides a great way to build your dog’s socialisation skills.

In addition to being great for dogs, flyball is a lot of fun for people too!  It’s a great way to meet doggy friends, both locally and interstate.  Flyball teams come closer together as they strive to improve their team’s performance. 

Flyball can be as competitive as you want to make it.  The best part, however, is just having great fun with your dog.

How do I start?

Come and check it out – you and your dog are guaranteed to ‘have a ball’! Contact Rockets co-ordinator Alli Berry via email at or, alternatively, just come and talk to us at club.

Note: In order to participate in flyball, for their own safety dogs must:

  • be at least 12 months old; and
  • have attained their Basic Obedience title by completing Basic Two (or equivalent).