Handling of Dogs by Instructors

  • An Instructor actively teaching a class is allowed, with the handler’s permission, to handle a dog for socialisation and demonstration purposes, and as required as part of an exercise.
  • No Instructor is allowed to take a dog from a handler, even with their permission, in order to demonstrate a correction. This applies at all times while on the Club grounds or wearing an Instructors uniform.
  • Should an Instructor judge a handler would benefit from tuition in the proper method of modifying undesirable behaviour, the Instructor should refer the matter to the Chief Instructor or an Authorised Handler.
  • No Instructor should attempt to handle a dog which exhibits signs of aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or humans. Any concerns should be addressed directly to an Authorised Handler for assessment.
  • Permission must always be granted by the handler except in emergency situations.

Authorised Handlers will meet the following requirements:

  • Instructed continuously for a minimum of three years;
  • Have applied to the Chief Instructor for approval; and
  • Have been assessed as having sufficient experience and knowledge.

Authorised Handlers as at 20/10/2018

  • Anne Mann
  • Barbara Schubert
  • Beryl McCarthy
  • Geoff Coleman
  • Jan Seach
  • Keri Gilligan
  • Neil Peterson
  • Rebecca McGroarty
  • Roger Thomas
  • Sandra Hughes

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