About Us

Our club
Croydon & District Obedience Dog Club Inc. (CDODC) is a not-for-profit, 100% volunteer-run organisation dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership while helping our members to enjoy life with their dogs.
In addition to teaching puppy and basic obedience classes, we train for, participate in and run a variety of canine sporting events as an affiliate of Dogs Victoria (Victorian Canine Association).
For the benefit of our members, our class numbers are limited to ensure handlers and dogs are given adequate levels of assistance.  Depending on the number of instructors we have available, this can mean there will be a long waiting period for class availability.

Please monitor our home page and/or our Facebook for specific details of enrolment dates. Any free places will be filled quickly!

For further details about our training principles and enrolment, please visit our “Training Principles” and “Membership” pages.

We are located at Silcock Reserve, William Road, Croydon, Victoria, Australia.
What we offer

One of the best things about joining a club as large as CDODC is the diversity of activities that are on offer!

Classes for beginners

We offer a range of introductory level obedience classes, each tailored to suit different age categories of dogs. Whether you have just brought home a new puppy or have an older dog looking to learn some new behaviours, we have an appropriate class for you. The focus of our classes is to improve the bond between you and your dog, while also teaching you and your pet a vast array of reliable, impressive skills. For more detailed class information, please visit the “Obedience” page.

If you and your dog have already completed some training externally, you might not need to start at the beginning of our program. You can contact us to book in for an individual evaluation, where we will assess your skills and allocate you to the most appropriate class.

Advanced classes

Once you obtain your Basic Obedience certificate, you have more than just a lovely, well-behaved pet – you have a passport to a world of dog activities!

We offer the following advanced disciplines at our club:

  • intermediate obedience;
  • advanced obedience;
  • obedience trialling;
  • agility;
  • flyball;
  • rally; and
  • social.

For those looking for an even bigger challenge, classes in each field can lead to competitive involvement in trials and other events.  You will never be at a loss for something new to learn at CDODC!