Class Structure

At each level of your training, you will be allocated into a class with an instructor and approximately 10 other handlers and dogs. Our aim is to have the same instructor stay with your class for the duration of the course; 8 weeks for puppies and 12 weeks for all other levels.  This means you get to know your instructor and your classmates, and they get to know you.  This is not only a great way to make friends, but also helps your instructor devise the very best plan for your progress.

Your class will run from either 9.30 am to 10.30 am or 11.00 am to 12.00 pm, although you are advised to arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time to get your dog settled and chat with your classmates before the lesson begins.  Your instructor will determine your regular meeting place during your first lesson, but may move the class around the ground (and indeed around Croydon) during the hour… the best way to avoid being left behind is to ensure you are there on time!

Each instructor has a lesson plan designed by CDODC to be highly flexible, allowing each handler and dog to progress at their own rate.  Homework will be distributed after each lesson. Homework is intended to fit into about 10 minutes a day (ideally in a few short bursts rather than one long session).  If you feel you are falling behind, you may find a little extra practice for a week (even just five minutes extra a day) is all you need to catch up!

If you know you are going to be absent, even just for one week, please kindly let your instructor know. Please do not contact the club with your apology (as they have no time to pass these on to your instructor).

Training is held regardless of the weather conditions, however on extreme days your class may finish early or your instructor may independently decide to cancel your class. On very hot days, your instructor will find a cool, shady spot for the class to work in. It is still beneficial for you to attend, even if you choose to leave your pooch at home.