Our Philosophy

CDODC prides itself in being at the forefront of positive reinforcement techniques; developing mutual respect, rewarding good behaviour, and above all, having fun with your dog!

Our class structure ensures that you are more than “just a number”, with our volunteers getting to know both you and your dog as you progress through each course of 8-12 weeks with the same instructor.

We encourage you to actively participate in classes; asking questions, solving problems and working with your instructor to develop the best solutions for your particular situation.  No single method works for all dogs, so we provide our instructors with comprehensive training which means we can find a method that works for you.

We focus on developing your dog’s confidence by gradually exposing your pet to all kinds of things life has to offer.  We even train in all weather conditions… we don’t let a little rain or mud stop us!

We’re also very proud of our incredibly low training costs, which are due to ALL of our workers being hard-working and dedicated volunteers who freely devote their time and energy every Sunday to provide you with the very best in dog training activities.

So why not come out one Sunday morning (excl. Public Holiday weekends and Dec/Jan break).

We’re sure you’ll have some fun!