Required equipment

Please bring the following equipment with you to training each week:

  1. a collar – made of soft material, not chain;
  2. a lead – either leather or cotton webbing, at a length of 80 to 100 cm. Chain and nylon leads are not permitted;
  3. a toy – a rope toy is ideal for use in training. Please do not bring balls or squeaky toys to class as they can distracting to other dogs;
  4. lots of tasty treats – rewards are necessary for training as we work with positive methods. Food is the simplest form of reward and should be really interesting, for example something special and yummy such as cheese, kabana, sausage or chicken;
  5. a treat bag – the timing of your reward is crucial to mark desired behaviour. Your reward should therefore be easily and readily accessible to either hand; and
  6. poo bags – for obvious reasons!

Optional equipment

The following equipment items are optional at CDODC:

  • soft correction collars, such as Martingale collars and clever collars;
  • head collars or ‘haltis’ – these may be used to manage any dog until it has learned basic commands, and/or by handicapped handlers to enable easier control; and
  • yellow bandanas – these may be worn by a dog when the instructor and/or handler prefers the dog to have controlled contact with other people or dogs due to timidness. Dogs showing signs of aggression will be required to wear a bandana.

Forbidden equipment

The following items are not permitted during training at CDODC:

  • harnesses – car harnesses give no control and allow the dog to pull in a manner that is more comfortable for the dog. ‘No pull’ harnesses can actually cause structural damage to your dog; and
  • correction chains, slip chains and chocker chains – these items are not compatible with our training methods as they facilitate negative reinforcement.

Equipment is available at our club shop

The club’s equipment shop sells all permitted items at reasonable prices and will ensure the correct fitting for your dog. Please feel free to visit our friendly shop manager on Sunday mornings for advice and assistance.