Training Progression

It starts the day you bring them home.

Baby puppies (8-12 weeks old) begin their CDODC journey in puppy pre-school.  Puppy pre-school is a four week course held on Wednesday nights in our specially sterilised hall.

Once a baby puppy has completed puppy pre-school,  they progress to ‘big dog school’ – Sunday morning puppy classes. Puppy school is an eight week course which culminates in a group assessment. Puppy school is also open to puppies who have not completed puppy pre-school at CDODC.  It is during this crucial early period that a dog’s main social skills and behaviours are formed, so we encourage all new dog owners to attend one or both of these classes.

If your dog has missed puppy pre-school and/or puppy class due to its age, don’t panic!  It’s never too late to get started, and we have classes specifically designed to catch you up.  Depending on your dog’s age, you’ll start in either a puppy class or Basic 1, the next level up.  This is not quite as effective as starting at CDODC with an eight week old pup, but it’s the next best thing!

The class which follows after puppy school is Basic 1, a 12 week course which builds on the skills gained in earlier levels.  At the end of Basic 1, you and your dog will be assessed (nothing too scary!) and, if you are ready, you will progress to Basic 2 (also 12 weeks).  If you’re not yet ready to progress, it’s no big deal!  You will be reallocated into another Basic 1 class to get in some more practice before being reassessed with your new class.

Once you pass your Basic 2 assessment and obtain your Basic Obedience Certificate, you can enrol in courses in agility, flyball, rally or advanced obedience. Alternatively, you may choose to go into the more relaxed socialisation classes. These are wonderful classes for stabilising your dog and just having an hour of fun activities which enhance the bond between handler and dog and lead to a confident, well behaved and happy dog. There is definitely something for everyone, so check out all your options and remember, you can always try them all!

Please visit our Obedience page to find out more about our anything-but-boring obedience classes!

Please note: The Basic Obedience Certificate is the minimum requirement for agility, flyball, rally and advanced obedience.  As these classes rely heavily on stable teamwork, you may be required to complete further obedience classes if your team is not working to the required standard.  Dog age restrictions may also apply for the protection of your dog’s health.