Obedience Trials
Any dog can trial regardless of whether it is a papered purebred or mixed breed. Dogs without registration papers trial as associates and everyone competes together.

There are five levels of obedience in Australia. They become progressively more challenging; the dog has to attain one title at a time to work up the ladder. A title is completed when the dog has three passes at that level. Most levels require a pass of 170 points or more out of 200, and the dog must pass every exercise within the test. The exception is the entry class of Community Companion Dog which requires 85 points out of 100 on offer.

Community Companion Dog – CCD
Companion Dog – CD
Companion Dog Excellent – CDX
Utility Dog – UD
Utility Dog Excellent – UDX
Obedience Champion – OC

For more information on exactly what is involved to gain obedience titles, please visit the Dogs Victoria website.

Rally Trials
Handlers can participate in Rally as a non-competitive activity but some may choose to compete to gain titles. In a trial the dog and handler complete a course which has been designed in advance by an independent Rally judge. Unlike regular obedience, instead of waiting for the judge’s orders, the competitors proceed around the course of designated stations with the dog in heel position.

To gain a title, a handler and dog must achieve qualifying scores of at least 70 points out of a possible 100. Three qualifying scores of 70 points or more must be earned under at least two different judges in Novice, Advanced and Excellent to gain the title.

Rally Novice: the dog on-lead using 10 – 15 of the first 31 signs.
Rally Advanced: the dog is off-lead using 12 – 17 signs from the first 45 signs.
Rally Excellent: also off-lead, using 15 – 20 signs from the complete set of 50 signs.
Rally Advanced Excellent: gained by accumulating a set of 10 qualifying scores in each of Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent when both are competed in at the same trial.

Rally trials will usually be held in conjunction with Obedience trials.